Organic Coffee

We have in stock both whole coffee beans and grind (suitable for plungers). This Beyond Fair Trade Coffee is roasted in New Zealand.

The New Zealand family who have assisted farmers on Tanna to grow their business, so that they now, almost solely run the entire process on their own, with some mentorship from New Zealand.

This really is a Direct Trade business.

Certified Organic Vanilla

Venui Vanilla of Vanuatu have guided and work alongside ni-Vanuatu farmers to create high quality, high vanillin content vanilla products.   Certified Organic Vanilla Pods, Vanilla Paste and Two-Fold Vanilla Extract – all premium, chef strength and quality.

Vanilla Extract may be mixed directly into your cooking and is suitable for recipes which do not require oven baking or long, hot cooking.

Vanilla Paste –    is an easy option when you don’t have the time (or skill) to carefully remove seeds from the Vanilla Pod. Convenient and economical, adding a gourmet touch.

Vanilla Pods – plump, shiny and premium grade. For the gourmet chef. Add to a jar of sugar to create a touch of decadence in the pantry. A mandatory addition to Crème brulee.

coffee beans
Certified Organic Vanilla Beans
Certified Organic Vanilla Beans
Vanilla Paste 120g Lav Kokonas
Vanilla Extract Lav Kokonas
Certified Organic Vanilla BeansVanilla Paste 120g Lav KokonasVanilla Extract Lav Kokonas

Catering Packs Vanilla Products

We are able to supply the catering trade Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Paste.

Contact us for more information.

Quality vanilla products

Certified Organic Ground Ginger

A highly flavoured and an aroma reminiscent of freshly grated root ginger (unlike most available). Ginger Crunch with a zing (see Recipe Page)

Certified Organic Ground Turmeric

The colour is bright and the aroma intense to add a spark to any Indian-inspired dish. Turmeric has long been regarded as a spice that is good for heart health. Perhaps try a delicious treat of Turmeric Milk (see Recipe Page).

Certified Organic Peppercorns

Whole White Peppercorns – the crème de le crème of the pepper world. When you don’t want the flecks of black pepper in your food – perhaps in a white sauce or freshly cracked over your meal. Chefs tell us, they are loving using this intensely flavoured pepper.  (Whole BLACK peppercorns, no longer available)

Certified Organic HOT Chile

Warning! Yes it is hot, a little goes a very long way. You have been warned, or maybe that is just the kiwi taste buds. Try it and let us know what you think. Even the aroma is good for clearing the sinuses.

Ginger 80g Lav Kokonas
Ginger 80g Lav Kokonas
Certified Organic Turmeric
Ginger 80g Lav KokonasCertified Organic Turmeric
Black Pepper Corns
Black Pepper Corns
White Peppercorns
Hot Chile
Black Pepper CornsWhite PeppercornsHot Chile
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