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Hospital Equipment Destined For Vanuatu Could Be Scrap Metal

Hospital equipment destined for Vanuatu could be scrap metal

Sad but true.   The South Pacific Moana Hospital Trust who are the caretakers of the equipment I have earmarked for Vanuatu, need to find new premises to store the vast amount of equipment from the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board.

What to do?  Here’s how I see it:

  1. The Trust finds new a warehouse, at a good price (they are a registered charity) and then transport ALL of the equipment to those new premises (before 30 July 2016).   OR
  2. Before 30th June, I find $14,000 to have ALL the equipment loaded into a 40 foot shipping container and shipped to Vanuatu.  This saves the Trust double-handling the equipment IF they find new suitable premises. OR
  3. Before 30th June, I find $9,000 to have some of the equipment loaded into a 20 foot shipping container and shipped to Vanuatu – this saves the Trust moving all or some of the equipment into any new accommodation.  OR
  4. If NO new warehouse is found and I DON’T find funds, the outcome is all equipment goes to landfill or scrap metal.

Despite my best efforts to raise funds from a variety of corporates, New Zealand businesses associated with Vanuatu, applying to some philanthropic entities; I have not achieved the goal.

All is not lost (yet).

There are still 12 days to go before my deadline of 30 June.


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