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Lav Kokonas

Lav Kokonas directly translated from the most used language of Vanuatu (there are over 200), bislama, means “love coconut”. However, we love all things Vanuatu. This is where we are “paying it forward”,  giving a little to make a tangible difference in rural communities across the many islands that make up Vanuatu.

Since 2010 Lav Kokonas has supported individuals and communities to achieve small things that they were wanting.   From providing hundreds of football kits, providing equipment for new kindergartens, sending medical equipment to remote communities to the largest project – Mamma’s Laef Washable Sanitary Pads.

Lav Kokonas supported these projects, by importing to New Zealand quality products of Vanuatu, selling them in New Zealand and using the profits to fund the projects.   (It was complicated and exhausting 😊 )   This was the Lav Kokonas pathway for four years.

In late 2016, the Mamma’s Laef project was moving so fast, it was time to focus only on that.   If you want to see more of that journey,  check out Belinda’s Blogs, the story has been documented since conception.

Lav Kokonas in 2017, is still paying it forward in Vanuatu.

Belinda's Blog
26Feb 19
Period. End Of A Sentence.

Period. End of a Sentence.

Menstruation, periods, rags, Aunt Flo, or sik mun (if you are in Vanuatu) -  whatever you call it – “it” is certainly attracting a lot of media interest these days.…

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10Dec 17
Empowerment Has Many Faces

Empowerment has many faces

Empowerment of women can happen on many levels and has many faces.   In terms of empowerment with Mamma’s Laef, people tend to think of the “empowerment” being, "having access…

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