EFFECTIVE from 1.4.17 there will be no more sales of the beautiful products of Vanuatu that I have had the pleasure of selling in New Zealand since 2013.

Social enterprise and charitable projects will continue.  Check the facebook page for updates.

lav kokonas coconut oil

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil made from fresh coconuts can be used as a cooking medium but also works fantastically as a daily beauty treatment.

Read more about the versatility of coconut oil here.

tamanu oil a great skin healer

Tamanu Oil

Organic Tamanu Oil is becoming widely known for it’s incredible anti-ageing properties, improving skin elasticity and tone,  as well as its incredible healing properties.

Read more about Tamanu Oil here.

Vanilla - certified organic

Vanilla & Spices

Our certified Organic Vanilla Beans, Paste and Extract, Organic Ground Chile, Ginger and Turmeric, Black and White Peppercorns are all intensely flavoured by nature alone – no added ingredients, just the purity of the produce that the rich soils of Vanuatu provide.


Coconut Products

Our range of products is increasing all the time as we discover new and exciting products to introduce you to.

View our products here.

Lav Kokonas

Lav Kokonas directly translated from the most used language of Vanuatu (there are over 200), bislama, means “love coconut”. However, we love all things Vanuatu. This is where we are “paying it forward”,  giving a little to make a tangible difference in rural communities across the many islands that make up Vanuatu. Lav Kokonas ensures that our suppliers are working from a beyond fair trade and ethical basis. This means not buying into a marketing tool, but creating a holistic approach to a fully integrated fair trade system.

Take a look around this site, for a small taste of Vanuatu and the delights which abound in this South Pacific archipelago. A minimum of 10% of our profits are returned to communities that provide our products, or wherever we see a need that we can assist with.  We are constantly giving a hand-up to many families and individuals across Vanuatu.   To find out more – take a look at our latest blogs about “paying it forward”.

Belinda's Blog
31Mar 17
No More Sales

No more sales

The day has finally arrived and my final GST return can be completed.   The website shop has closed.   For those lovers of Lav Kokonas Virgin Coconut Oil, I'm sorry, but…

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